Howdy Everyperson, I'm here to post fics for allof tumblr's enjoyment. Got a request, just hit me up on the ask and I might post a fic, requests are almost always open. Just be kind and have fun. Also, I'll have tags so you can look for *ahem* specific fics


well hi!

I’m just starting this thing up, as a little experiment lets say. Mostly this is just for me to self-motivate, try and get me to write more. I enjoy writing and I hope I can write enough stupid fics so that I can improve. But in the meantime, let’s have some fun, I’ll have something up in a bit, so for now, wait and follow please!
Also, fair warning(and I’ll reiterate this later) all requests will be tagged showing who the request came from. I’ll almost always have it up, but maybe someone else will enjoy it as well.